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Current film projects:

Live streamings

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Current streaming projects:

Films have their many advantages for companies, for example:

  • Films increase the visibility and image of a company.
  • Films can explain complex issues or products simply and clearly.
  • Films enable an attractive presentation on the market and added value for interested parties.
  • Films can arouse emotions and strengthen the bond with customers.
  • Movies can increase the conversion rate and generate more sales.
  • Films can turn customers into brand ambassadors by sharing positive experiences or recommending them to others.
  • Films create a strong brand identity and recognition value.
  • Movies inspiring customers.

So, films are an effective and engaging form of communication for businesses in different industries and channels.

There are many types of film content for businesses. Some examples from our experience are:

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Product films

A product film is a video that introduces a specific product or service and shows its features, benefits, and advantages to customers. A product film can take various forms, such as a demonstration, an animation, a story, or a testimonial. A product film is an effective marketing tool that builds trust, enhances appeal, and increases purchase appeal. A product film should be attractively designed and consider the target audience and platform.

Video Testimonials

A video testimonial is a video in which a customer praises and recommends a product or service. A video testimonial shows how the offer helps a problem and conveys positive emotions and trust. A video testimonial usually has an interview format in which the customer answers questions about his or her experience. A video testimonial can be an effective marketing tool to convince the target audience and generate more sales.

Social media commercials

Social media commercials are videos posted on social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to promote a product, brand, or message. They can have different formats and lengths, depending on the platform and target audience. Social media ads are designed to grab users' attention and inspire them to take action.

Image films

An image film is a short film that presents a company, institution, brand or product with advertising intent. An image film is intended to positively portray the image and values of the company or brand and appeal to the target audience. An image film usually has a length of no more than ten minutes and differs from a commercial in its portrait-like character.

Industrial films

Industrial films are corporate films that focus on showing manufacturing processes and technical operations. Industrial films show how a company works and what it produces. Industrial films can have different goals, such as image building, customer loyalty, employee motivation or training. I have many years of experience in this field with clients such as ABB and Georg Fischer.

Employer Branding Videos

Employer branding videos are short films designed to present the company as an attractive employer. Employer branding videos show the corporate culture, the values and the advantages of the employer and let real employees have their say. Employer branding videos can be distributed on various channels to attract and inspire potential applicants. My strength is producing authentic videos with real employees in front of the camera.

Event films

Event films are videos that document events such as trade fairs, congresses, concerts or company celebrations and show the highlights and mood of the event. Event films can be used before or after the event to attract visitors, strengthen branding or achieve viral effects. Event films can also serve as contemporary documents or references.

Training films

Training films are videos that are intended to convey a skill or knowledge. Training films can be used for different purposes and target groups, such as employee onboarding, software training, or teaching safety rules. Training films can have different formats, such as 3D animations, screencasts or explainer videos.

Live streaming and the possibilities for you

A live stream is a transmission of video or audio in real time over the Internet. A live stream allows you to share and interact with content live with an audience. For example, a live stream can be used for concerts, sporting events, webinars, or town halls.

Hybrid events

A hybrid event is an event that takes place both live and virtually. A hybrid event combines different elements, content, or formats from other event types to create a new experience. A hybrid event provides the opportunity to reach more attendees, encourage interaction, and increase flexibility.

Advantages are:

Wider reach: hybrid events can attract more attendees who come from different locations or countries and can connect online.

Cost savings: Hybrid events can reduce the cost of room rental, catering, lodging and travel because there are fewer attendees on site.

Attractiveness for sponsors: Hybrid events can offer more visibility and advertising opportunities for sponsors, as they are present both online and offline. They can also benefit from evergreen content that can be reused after the event.

Planning reliability: Hybrid events can respond more flexibly to unforeseen situations, such as pandemics or travel restrictions. You can also more easily involve experts or speakers who can join in on a decentralized basis.


A webinar is a seminar on the Internet. A person gives a presentation on a topic and the participants listen to him. Participants can also ask questions or make comments. A webinar is a video conferencing and video marketing tool developed to deliver content in a more attractive way.

Live streaming challenges

Live streaming is a popular and growing form of online communication that allows content to be transmitted and received in real time. However, there are also some challenges with live streaming. As a competent partner, we accompany you reliably.

Internet connection capacity and stability: Live streaming requires high bandwidth and low latency to ensure good quality and reliability. If the on-site Internet line is insufficient or fluctuates, this can cause interruptions or delays.

The technical infrastructure and expertise: Live streaming requires appropriate hardware and software to capture, process and send the audio and video signals. Furthermore, you need a good know-how to choose the right settings, to ensure security and to solve possible problems.

Hybrid live streaming of an event