Employer Branding Video

Present yourself as a modern employer. Use videos on your website and directly in job advertisements.

That's in:

  • Virtual meeting with you about the content and shooting process
  • Professional film equipment
  • Special shots with the drone and gimbal, e.g. your building from the outside and moving shots through your company
  • Two rounds of correction with you
  • Simple graphic elements like intro, outro and belly bands
  • Three suggestions for music in the background
  • Travel time, total 2h included
  • Mobility costs

Employer Branding Video

  • A video up to three minutes long
  • Three hours shooting at your place

1'900 CHF excl. VAT

Employer Branding Video Campaign

Are you planning on a larger scale and want to have several videos produced at once, for example? We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer. As a rule, series productions result in economies of scale and thus cost advantages for you.

We can also supply you with videos on a regular basis as an in-house supplier. Thanks to well-rehearsed communication and cooperation, we will realize productions even more efficiently and quickly.

We are looking forward to your inquiry:

    Options and additional services

    • Hosting of the video on our Vimeo account, so you can easily embed the video on your site. We will help you with the technical aspects.
    • Interviews with a green screen
    • Several different videos with different thematic focuses or stories. This also results in economies of scale.
    • Teleprompter for easy reading of longer texts
    • Subtitles/Language versions
    • Speaker
    • Short social media clip
    • Mask/MakeUp Artist
    • Animations 2D/3D
    • Additional travel time


    This offer is valid only for direct end customers.

    Should an agency be involved between us as the production company and the end customer, an individual offer will be made. From our experience, there is significantly more coordination effort in all production steps.

    Sample videos

    Advantages for you as an employer

    Addressing potential employees

    Employer branding videos are an effective way to reach potential employees. They offer an authentic insight into the company, its culture and its values. This gives applicants a better idea of whether the company is a good fit for them. Especially younger generations like Gen Z are used to videos.

    Reputation improvement

    Employer branding videos can improve a company's reputation as an attractive employer. They show that the company cares about its employees and the quality of its work environment. This can help position the company as a more attractive employer for potential applicants.

    Employee retention and motivation

    Employer branding videos can also help improve employee retention and motivation. They show employees that the company values them and cares about them. This can help increase employee satisfaction and retention.

    Differentiation from other employers

    Employer videos allow you to clearly stand out and differentiate yourself from other companies. Explain to potential applicants why you are the better employer.

    Authentic storytelling

    Employer branding videos can be an effective way to convey an authentic image of the company. They can tell stories about employees, customers or projects that reflect the company's culture and values.

    Presentation of the corporate culture

    Employer branding videos can help showcase the company culture. They can show how employees work together, what motivates them and what they like about the company. This can help potential applicants get a better impression of the company culture.


    Employer branding videos are a valuable tool for companies looking to strengthen their employer brand and attract top talent. They offer a number of benefits that can help companies achieve their goals.