Sustainable since 2013

Environmental, sustainability and social issues have been with us from the very beginning and are deeply anchored in our DNA. We put the following points into practice.

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The right means of transport not only saves costs, but also helps the environment. Depending on the requirement, equipment and accessibility, we choose the best option.

Since Raffael Greminger's family has grown to three children, he has been using his own electric car. Before that, he was on the road for years with Mobility.

Should a flight be necessary, this will be compensated.

two people go cycling

Social commitment

We support 2-4 organizations or people in projects per year. This can be film productions, live streamings or help with equipment. For example, we do at least one project per year for the support association

a pile of adhesive tapes

Less consumables

Wherever possible, we try to reduce the use of consumables. We use rechargeable batteries exclusively. With adhesive tape, this is only possible to a limited extent. But batteries, for example, I have replaced with NiMH rechargeable batteries. I also use practically no paper. Most communication is digital these days anyway.

a cameraman at work

Fair payment

A good and fair payment of our partners and freelancers is very important to us. Only with a corresponding income can our suppliers develop further and remain with us.

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A lot of computing power is needed for film editing. And the electric car also needs a lot of energy. We use electricity fromCO2-neutral sources for this.

a layout of various film equipment

Share instead of buy

Equipment that we need only rarely or in a larger number, we rent. If we use the object more often and it makes economic sense, we buy it. And when we buy, we prefer second-hand equipment. All our equipment is also available to other producers. For example via Sharely:

one person explains something to another on the computer

Investing in further training

Our partners and freelancers should constantly improve and grow with the projects. We pass on know-how and challenge them more and more.


Sustainable shopping

When we want to purchase something, we attach importance to durable and robust products. In addition, they should also be easy to repair.

Ideally, the devices can be used for film and live streaming productions. This increases utilization and benefits.

For example, we built the computers of our editing system ourselves. So we can upgrade single components over the years according to the requirements. The parts we no longer need we sell or keep as a backup.

a look inside a workshop

Repair instead of replace

Equipment is often on the road and experiences a lot. It can happen that something small breaks, for example a cable or plug, or a screw comes loose. Since Raffael Greminger is a trained electronics technician, he can repair many things himself.

various film lamps

LED instead of halogen

Sure, halogen lamps will soon no longer be available. On our projects, we use LED lamps exclusively. These need significantly less power and don't get as hot as old lamps. That's also more pleasant for the protagonists in front of the camera. In addition, they can also be controlled more precisely.

Funfact: All images on this page were created using Adobe's AI image generator.