Office address:

Raffael Greminger
2nd floor
Ida-Sträuli-Strasse 87
8404 Winterthur


Oberwinterthur train station

Tip: There are three underpasses on the platform. The main underpass in the middle does not lead to the side of the tracks of our address. Only the two staircases at either end of the platform will take you to underpasses that lead to the correct side.

Hegi train station

Same proximity as Oberwinterthur train station

Bus stop Else Züblin


Bus stop Hegifeld


Kurzzeitparkieren <30min

In front of the house entrance there is an asphalt strip for short parking (red rectangle). The house entrance number 87 is directly opposite by the red circle.

Long-term parking

It has an underground garage with parking for visitors. The entrance is under the word "LIZ" (see picture). Height up to 1.95m. Your car number must be registered by us in a system for parking management.

In addition, it has around various parking spaces in the blue zone.

At the end of the underground garage in front of the lattice gate there is a staircase on the left side. Above you will find a 3D model of the superstructure and an overview plan. This will take you to the right house entrance: