Event film

Let your event be accompanied and recorded on film.

That's in:

  • A video up to three minutes long
  • Virtual meeting with you about the content and shooting process
  • Professional film equipment
  • Special shots with the drone and gimbal
  • Two rounds of correction with you
  • Simple graphic elements like intro, outro and belly bands
  • Three suggestions for background music
  • Travel time, total 2h included
  • Mobility costs

Short event

  • Two hours shooting

1'900 CHF excl. VAT

Half-day event

  • Four hours shooting

2'600 CHF excl. VAT

Day event

  • Up to 10 hours shooting time

3'700 CHF excl. VAT

We are looking forward to your inquiry:

    Options and additional services

    • Recording of interviews with exciting personalities, which can then be used as own videos on various channels.
    • Production of a promotional trailer for your event
    • Recording of entire sessions during the event with additional cameras
    • Subtitles/Language versions
    • Speaker
    • Short social media film versions, also in special image formats
    • Hosting of the video on our Vimeo account, so you can easily embed the video on your site. We will help you with the technical aspects.


    This offer is valid only for direct end customers.

    Should an agency be involved between us as the production company and the end customer, an individual offer will be made. From our experience, there is significantly more coordination effort in all production steps.

    Sample videos

    Advantages for you as an event organizer


    Use the film for communication after the event on various channels. You can show your brand or product in the context of a product presentation or marketing event. Recall memories and emotions of the visitors after the event.

    Also use the opportunity to produce interviews with relevant people. You can then use such interviews on your channels for your marketing. This way you can efficiently produce a lot of content in a short time.


    An event film can also be used to document an event and preserve it for posterity. This can be important for events such as weddings, anniversaries or other private events.

    Advertising for the next event

    If you plan to hold an event multiple times in the long term, you can use footage from your event to produce a promotional trailer for future events.

    You can use the footage from one event to have a promotional trailer produced for the next event. This way you can use an authentic and individual trailer related to your product via your channels.

    Educational purposes

    An event film can also be used for educational purposes. This can be useful for events with lectures, seminars or other educational events. As an option, complete sessions can be recorded 1:1. For example, the PowerPoint presentation can also be recorded.