Dufry Townhalls

We are allowed to produce hybrid employee meetings internationally for Dufry.

Typical content sequence

Part 1: Business Update

In the first part, management presents the current course of business and provides insights into current topics. In some cases, guests are invited on stage to speak on specific topics. Some speakers are also connected virtually.

Part 2: Questions and answers

In the second part, employees in the room or from around the world can ask questions directly to management.

Technical backgrounds


We are responsible for streaming to various services. We cut the signal for the stream independently. Since Dufry has different business units, several parallel streams have to be sent. Three Microsoft Teams Live Events are managed as well as one Google Meet streaming.

In addition, we take care of the connection of external speakers.

Event technology on site

A local event company builds the stage and all the event technology on site. In addition, this company takes care of lighting, sound and video in the hall. We receive certain signals such as special audio mixes and video signals. We also send audio and video signals back to the hall. E.g. from the external speakers.

Services of Smart Film Services

  • Planning of interfaces and technical requirements together with the local event company
  • Preparing the streaming with Dufry managers
  • Production of the streaming signal
  • Prepare recording after the event

Three different versions of townhalls


Several hundred employees from the site can participate in a large hall. They can ask questions directly to management. Employees worldwide can watch the stream and submit questions in writing.

Management only

In a conference room, only management participates. All employees watch the stream and can ask questions.

The technical effort is significantly less than for a large hybrid event.


All managers participate in the Townhall with their own laptop. Everything happens in the cloud and is streamed to the employees.